Topic: Thanksgiving
Subject: Celebrations in the United States
StudentsLevel: 3rd Grade

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Teaching Topic: Thanksgiving

Objectives: To teach the students why Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States.

Materials: Power Point, Worksheets

Total Class Time: 45 Minutes

Teacher’s Role: The teacher monitors the students and engages the students with follow up questions, such as “When is Thanksgiving celebrated?” She may need to use Spanish if the students are really having any difficulties understanding the concept.

Language Assistant’s Role: She introduces Thanksgiving. She shows a PowerPoint of what type of food is served at Thanksgiving, the family and friends who attend, and, most importantly, the history behind Thanksgiving.

Teacher and Language Assistants’ Roles: They both make sure the students are engaged with the Power Point and are doing the given activities.

Student Activities: Crossword Puzzles, Word Searches

Evaluating the Activities: The teacher and students go over the answers to the crossword puzzles and word searches.

How Objectives Will be Achieved: Students first listen to the Language Assistant who will present the Thanksgiving Power Point and both the Language Assistant and Teacher will ask some follow up questions. Afterwards, the students will complete the given word searches and crossword puzzles.

Students’ Learning Styles:
– Visual
– Aural
– Verbal
– Physical
– Logical
– Social
– Solitary


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