2022: The Holiday Markets at Columbus Circle, NYC

Woo! Just in time for the holidays and Christmas. So the annual Holiday Markets at Columbus Circle in New York City enthralled many visitors and locals alike. While it can’t compare to the Christmas Markets in Europe, I would say these markets are just as festive!

While enjoying the stroll, I found various shops, from carpets to handbags to lanterns to German chocolate and even Alpaca fur clothing.

Some Food & Beverage Options

You have numerous choices for food, from hot chocolate, Bratwurst sausages, chicken tikka masala, waffles, and even Stroopwafels, and so much more.

Some Bling-Bling Options

Some Clothes & Other Knick-Knacks

While there are some other holiday markets elsewhere, like in Bryant Park, these holiday markets at Columbus Circle seem to be lesser known and have fewer crowds.

Overall, it’s worth a stopover. Seeing the festivity and warmth of sellers, buyers, and even lights, you’ll most likely enjoy the ambiance!

Have you already gotten your holiday and/or Christmas shopping done? I hope you’re well. 🙂

Directions: Take the A or C train uptown to 59th street.
It should be on your left when you exit the station. 

Address: 10 Columbus Circle, NY, NY 10019


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