2022: Misty Weather at Avalon Nature Preserve

I frequent Avalon Nature Preserve in Stony Brook, New York, almost weekly. It’s open year-long, six days a week.

This preserve has endless trails showcasing the latest shrubs, trees, ducks, swans, and occasional deer.  It’s a fantastic place to bring the kids or even a furry puppy friend. And the volunteers and regular visitors there can be friendly, from a wave to a small conversation.

Be sure to bring your furry friend! (This is the back of my pup Mahal. :P)

Here are some fun facts about the place

  • It’s been around since 1997, purchased from the Coleman Family.
  • It has about 5 miles of trails.
  • It’s usually open from dawn to dusk, though opening and closing times vary by season.


Avalon Nature Preserve
200 Harbor Road
Stony Brook, NY 11790

So this is my local spot just to enjoy the view and get a bit of a workout. Where do you frequently travel? I hope you’re doing well. (:

And you don’t have to enter the trails. You can stay here and enjoy the view but don’t feed the wildlife. :O


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