2022: Celebrating 35 Years of Traveling

You know I have been traveling since I was in my mother’s womb? Haha. 

Anyway, thank God for another year! It’s truly a blessing to visit numerous countries and cultures.

I’m very excited about next year; hopefully, in late January, I can travel abroad and share the latest adventures and insights with you.

Here I’ll just briefly recap the memorable adventures I’ve had so far:

Visiting P-Town

Visting P-Town or Provincetown in Massachusettes was super fun. The seafood is delicious, and there is so much history to explore. (You can check out my post about it here.)

Visiting the Alhambra

Riding Horses in Iceland

I might be biased because of my love for horses, but this is a unique way of seeing Iceland. You can be riding horses through the meadows or even by the beach, overlooking the landscapes and the tranquil sky. (You can read my old article here.)

Take care, and have a blessed day! (:


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