2023: Horseback Riding in the Jungles of Costa Rica

The other week, I had the fantastic opportunity to go horseback riding in the jungles of Costa Rica at a place called Finca Caballo Loco. (In English, that means Crazy Horse Farm/Ranch.)  I was staying in Rodeo, Ciudad Colón, Mora, Costa Rica, in the middle of the country. 

On this trail, the trees towered upwards to the sky. In the distance, the mountains provided the backdrop. It felt like I was being lullabied by nature.


Luca was born in Venezuela to a Tica (Costa Rican) mother and a Venezuelan dad in Venezuela. After his dad died, they moved to Costa Rica and have lived there ever since. He spoke a little English, but at least he talked slowly and clearly in Spanish.


Krysia is the owner of Finca Caballo Loco. Originally from Toronto, Canada, she has lived in Costa Rica for over a decade. And she intends to stay here for the long run. She had made this rural landscape her own. She used to own 18 horses, and now she owns five.

Krysia was also a pleasant woman to talk to, and she informed me about other places to check out in Costa Rica, like La Fortuna.

One of the horses I rode on was Habibi, which means darling / loved one.

She loved eating, but she was tame enough to direct, like to keep going or to turn around, etc.

Luca, the tour guide, and a boy who accompanied me on this trail.


The price is $80 or more for about an hour and a half of a ride, where you’ll walk around these forest dwellings, see the mountains, and learn how to direct a horse a bit. Plus, you get lemonade and a snack before you go. 

All in all, if you’re in Rodeo, Ciudad Colón, and want to go horseback riding, come and visit Finca Caballo Loco.


Finca Caballo Loco Horse Tours Costa Rica
El Rodeo, Ciudad Colón, 10701


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