2019: Soaring Pines

In one of the many parks of Long Island, there is a forest with pines that reaches towards the heavens. It’s quite wonderful and peaceful to visit!

Tree Hugger on the Loose Alert! Lock all your doors. ;P (Advance Selfie of Myself)

Today, my dog Cookie and I traveled through this particular park. I wanted an escape and to clear out my mind and refresh. And Cookie was just excited to sniff a new area and even meet a couple of dogs!

I told Cookie to walk towards me to create some sense of depth. And, he just started cat-walk modeling. Good, boy! haha. ;P

So, although it was drizzling, we enjoyed this meditative stroll.

Additionally, I think my photography is sort of slipping into conceptual photography, or maybe it has always been a part of me and now it’s resurfacing. Either way I’m really inspired now to make more photos like it!

Through the trails, there is actually a couple of entrances to this wide open space filled with lush green grasses and several construction parts.

Another additionally, I photographed these photos with the Olympus E-LP9 and edited them with PicMonkey. Enjoy! 🙂

I’m posing with my puppy again. We found this teepee made out of dead pines. It’s a pretty cool concept. (Another Advance Selfie.)
I felt these machines were like extraterrestrial. Aliens live among us, especially in these wood. ;P


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