2021: A Night on the Waterfront

Couples held hands. Groups of friends lingered, catching the view and beckoning their friends to photograph them. Parents guided their kids on bikes as they glided through the pavement.

Such was the night’s atmosphere as I strolled on the waterfront.

From across the river, the city skyscrapers’ white and blue and red lights shimmered on the river.

The air was crisp but not bitter.

It was the New Year. And I beheld it with visions of new adventures.

A conspiring duck and goose. I don’t trust them. 😛

A twilight of dreams I never wanted to let go.

Happy New Year! Happy 2021 – this is a selfie of me just chillin and enjoying the view and being safe. Word is out that masks are the in-style now. 😉

3 responses to “2021: A Night on the Waterfront”

  1. Oh well, your wonderful photos brought me so many memories from my trip to New York 🙂 can’t wait to return… Have a great new year and greetings from Portugal, PedroL

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    1. Susanna Bautista Avatar
      Susanna Bautista

      Hi, Pedro!

      Thank you! 😀 Where in Portugal are you from? I’ve visited Fatima, Sintra, Lisboa, Porto, and others. And I had amazing memories there! I hope you have the opportunity to return to New York. Take care and stay safe.^_^

      ~ Susanna


      1. I am from Cascais Susanna, probably you heard of it, it’s in the coast, in the suburbs of Lisbon and close to Sintra eheh I’m glad you visited Portugal 🙂 it seems you’ve been in many cities eheh have a great week 🙂 PedroL

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