2021: Feldkirch: Exploring a Medieval Town

I love learning about the European Medieval Period, which lasted from the fifth century all the way to the late fifteenth century. So, I had the golden opportunity, while visiting relatives and attending my sister’s wedding in Austria, to visit Feldkirch with my brother and uncle!

On the fifth of September, we took a train south from the city of Bregenz to the town known as Feldkirch. Both of those places are part of the Vorarlberg state of Austria. (I didn’t know about these lands until this summer. I’m always learning something new! ;))

While strolling through, triangular shaped rooftops towered above and the streets were cobbled stoned.

It felt like a ghost town. Surprisingly, very few people walked these streets. It was a Sunday and a sunny day with that! (Maybe it was due to the pandemic and that it was nearing the end of summer.) Oh, well, the fewer the merrier! 😉

With that, I did see some tourists lounging on beach chairs next to a gelato cafe. (;

One of the many wonders of this town is the medieval castle called Schattenburg. It has been around since the twelfth century. (I shall cover that experience in another post.)

After exploring the castle, we stayed another hour exploring the empty streets while snacking on kebab and gelato. I wanted to explore even further but my family were pooped. And maybe it was best not to get lost on the day before you had to leave for New York. (;

The train ticket to Feldkirch

All in all, while Feldkirch is a small town, it is filled with plenty of medieval wonders still intact in this modern world that was worth a fifty minute train ride.

And so, from my window seat of the train, I passed through the verdant fields with cows and tiny homes spread apart, saying adieu until next time!^_^

Have you been to Austria? What did you see? I hope you’re well. (:


3 responses to “2021: Feldkirch: Exploring a Medieval Town”

    1. Thank you! I hope you can visit this place someday.^_^


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